LEFOPS is an educational organization that promotes students, parents, teachers, and the community at large to participate in the educational process.

We provide specialist counseling and support to prospective students on their area of study, based on their abilities, and choose a university that is best suited to their career choice at a fair cost.


Instant Counseling Anywhere and Anytime!


Career counseling 

University application

Accommodation booking 

Pre-departure briefing 

Follow ups 

University selection 

Visa processing 

Flight booking 

Airport pickup & familiarization 

Life skill training & workshop


“I felt my time with LEFOPS was extremely valuable and beneficial for my journey to college. Mr. Essayas was very knowledgeable about the application process, and it was reassuring to have someone who was able to easily answer all of my questions. Thank you so much for all your help with the college application process.”

Sarah P.

Hult Business School

“Starting from day one going to lefops the front desk’s were very welcoming ,filled with helpful information and easy to communicate and that had a great impact on helping their students (clients) on getting more information about what they want to study. my journey to college application was very fun honestly it took a short period of time I would like to say it’s a great experience I’ve been satisfied keep it up!!!!”

Miki A.

University of South Florida

“Lefops has helped me in a lot of things I didn’t have to work on the process so 2 university has accepted me .”

Nahom N.

Asia Pacific University

“LEFOPS handled my college application professionally and gave me quick updates on it. If I was to rate their service from 1-10, I would give it a 10.”


University of South Florida

“LEFOPS has helped me get into the school I wanted. It has supported me to achieve my goals. I really appreciate their service. It was very effective and helpful in taking one step closer to all my life goals.”

Saron G.

University Of Alberta



Head office:

16192 Coastal Highway, 

Lewes, DE 19958 USA 

Ethiopia office:

Bole sub city, wereda 02

Friendship Business center 7th floor 702/1, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Email: click here

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